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The Transitional Element for Tax Credit-only Claimants

Speakers: Rachel Service and Julia Service

This webinar explored how the Transitional Element is worked out for Tax Credit-only claimants when they manage migrate onto UC.

The information and examples used are based on the Regulations, published guidance, feedback from the DWP and our understanding of how this assessment currently works. 

Please note: There are a couple of areas that we are still awaiting clarification on from DWP and 
Anyone attending this webinar will be contacted directly with any updates.


 Topics include:

- A deep dive into how the Transitional Element is worked out

- How the 'Indicative UC Amount' works differently to a normal UC assessment

- Why a Tax Credit-only claimant will not have a HCE in their 'Indicative UC Amount' and the implications

- Why some claimants who are worse off on UC may not receive a Transitional Element.


An essential webinar for those working with Tax-Credit only claimants.


Comments from previous webinars:

"Very informative and trainers were brilliant, very knowledgeable." 

"Excellent Webinar, well structured and the examples are great."