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Judicial Review - The Missing Links

Delivered: Thursday 31st March

Guest Speaker: Ryan Bradshaw, Leigh Day Solicitors

This webinar gave a practical overview of the use of Judicial Review to make changes in the benefit system. We looked at the recent JR cases that have led to changes in benefit regulations and guidance and explored the use of JR to affect change and how this can be relevant to advisers. 

Strategic challenges are often used when there is no other remedy to fix unfairness in the system - but what are the criteria? 

Can discrimination be justified? Does identifying a Breach of the Human Rights Act fix everything? 

What is the mechanism for these changes? 

How can you use this info in your day job?  

Any other routes to challenge un-appealable decisions?

This webinar examined recent cases, gave an insight into the judicial review process and discussed how you can get involved. 

A great webinar for professional development and the opportunity to understand the growing use of JR and the welfare benefits world. 

If you would like to watch a recording of this Webinar - just £35+vat - click here.