Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

Conference: Maximising Income - the added extras

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Feedback from the day:

Fab training thanks very much!

Really enjoyed it, very informative.

Loved the case studies 

Valuable information learnt which will be of great help in my work

All excellent speakers, thank you for a great day of training.

Conference opens: 9.30am
Welcome from Peter Barker, the conference chair

Speaker: Julia Service, Housing Systems: What's new in the world of benefits

Julia will highlight the need to know changes that took place during 2023.

Workshop 1: 10.00am - 11.15am
Choose between: 'Universal Credit - quick wins' and 'Extras for kids'.
1A: UC - Quick Wins

Many UC claimants are missing out on money they are entitled to. 

This workshop explores areas to check to ensure claimants are receiving the correct amount and highlights some 'quick wins'.

Topics include:

Housing Costs Element - common errors
Missing Elements
Missing back payments
The work allowance - which couples are missing out? 


1B: Extras for kids

Which UC claimants can get free meals? Who qualifies for Healthy Start Vouchers? How much extra can you get in your Tax Credits if your child is awarded DLA?

This workshop examines the extras that are available for those bringing up children.

We will investigate how an award of Disability Living Allowance can have a positive impact on other benefits, what passport benefits are available (and the different rules for those on UC), what help is available with Childcare Costs, and who can get the 16-19 Bursary / EMA.

11.15am: BREAK
Workshop 2: 11.30am - 12.45pm
Choose between: 'Working age: Maximising income - the extra extras'  and 'Pension age: Maximising income - the extra extras.'
2A: Working age: Maximising income - the extra extras

Over 14 billion is underclaimed in adult means tested benefits every year.

This workshop highlights commonly missed extras that many claimants aren't receiving.

From extra premiums/elements and help with health costs, to income/capital disregards, this workshop highlights where people could be missing out. 




2B: Pension age: Maximising income - the extra extras

This workshop considers how Pension Credit works.

We explain how some claimants are entitled to a higher level of Pension Credit, and how 1p a week can open doors to other benefits / help.

We will discuss:

- how someone with over £16,000 in savings can get full Housing Benefit. 

- how a couple could have pension income of over £500 a week and still get some Pension Credit

- the missing extras, such as Warm Home Discount, free TV licence, that many State Pension age claimants miss out on. 

12.45pm: LUNCH
1.40pm - 2.00pm: Speaker - Turn2Us Grants Search Tool

Christelle Tambi, Turn2Us

Christelle will introduce their Grants Search tool, explain how it works and the help available . Being awarded a grant can have a huge impact on those who receive one.

Registered charitable organisations across the UK give grants to assist people in need. Grants are given to people based on their personal circumstances, for example a job they've worked at or a health condition they have. The Turn2Us Grants Search Tool helps match someone to the grants they may be eligible to apply for. 

2.00pm - 2.30pm: Speaker - Help with energy bills

Dominic Griffiths, Energy Projects Plus

Dominic will chat through the various schemes that are available nationally to help people with their energy bills. He will also highlight a couple of projects that Energy Projects Plus is involved in showcasing the support that can be given when organisations work in partnership.

2.30pm: BREAK
Workshop 3: 2.45pm - 4.00pm

Choose between: 'Lesser known benefits' and 'Reducing the Council Tax Bill'.

3A: Lesser known benefits

This Workshop will explore some of the lesser known benefits that claimants may be missing out on that would increase their overall income. Benefits covered include:

Bereavement Support Payment
Guardian's Allowance
New Style ESA / New Style JSA

Find out how to spot which claimants could be entitled to these benefits, and how they make their claim.

3B: Reducing the Council Tax Bill

Did you know some carers can get a reduction in their Council Tax Bill?

Do you know who is 'invisible' for Council Tax?

Have you heard of the Council Tax Exceptional Hardship Scheme?

Do you know when a Council Tax band can be reduced?

This workshop looks at the various schemes and support available to help reduce a Council Tax Bill.



4.00pm: Q & A Panel
4.30pm: Close