Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Standard Letters

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JSA Sanctions
JS1: JSA sanction reconsideration - left work during an Employment on Trial

JS2: JSA sanction reconsideration - almost Employment on Trial period

JS3: JSA sanction reconsideration - failure to attend interview etc

JS4: JSA sanction reconsideration - insufficient steps to find work

JS5: JSA sanction reconsideration - failure to comply with Jobseekers Direction

JS6: JSA sanction reconsideration - failure to attend Work Programme

JS7: JSA sanction reconsideration - failure to apply for a job

JS8: JSA sanction reconsideration - reduce length sanction wrongly escalated

JS9: Request to reconsider refusal of hardship payment

JS10: Failed to sign - reconsideration of date terminated due to on-going job search

JS11: Reconsideration of sanction due to failing to sign on without good reason

JS12: Request for JSA claim to backdated

HS10: Landlords request HB be paid during IB JSA 'sanction'

HS11: Claimant's request to be paid HB whilst IB JSA sanctioned

HS12: Claimant's request to be paid whilst CB Jobseekers Allowance is sanctioned

HS13: Request to reinstate HB during a past JSA sanction period

CP1: Letter to HB as nil income

ND11: Letter to HB as taking non-dep deduction where non-dep is under 25 on Income-Based JSA which is being sanctioned