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Monthly Quiz: January 2020

This month it's all about students and UC ........

Chloe is a lone parent who is doing a master's degree. She gets a post graduate loan of £10,906 which is for tuition fees and maintenance.

She is claiming Universal Credit.

The DWP have explained that her student income has been calculated as follows:

1. 70% of the postgraduate loan has been disregarded

2. the 30% which is taken into account has then been divided over the 9 monthly assessment periods (from the MAP in which the course starts to the MAP before the MAP in which the course finishes) to give a monthly amount.

The DWP have used the monthly amount as calculated above - they said she doesn’t get the £110 per month disregard as it is a post graduate course and the disregard is only for under graduates....is that correct?

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