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Monthly Quiz: October 2019

This month was all about The Transitional SDP Protection payment ........

This month's quiz .....

Penny was getting Income Related ESA (which included a Severe Disability Premium) and Housing Benefit.

In January, Penny lost her award of the daily living component of Personal Independence Payment when she had her review medical assessment. She challenged the decision.
Penny's ESA reduced - she lost her Severe Disability Premium (due to losing her PIP daily living component).

Then in July, Penny moved to a different local authority area. She had to claim UC because at the time she 'passed' the SDP Gateway (NOTE: the SDP Gateway no longer applies - it was revoked from 27th January 2021).  Her Income Related ESA ended due to her UC claim.
Penny has just won her PIP appeal and her daily living component has been reinstated back to when it had stopped in January.

1. What can Penny ask the ESA dept for?
2. Then, what can Penny ask the UC dept for?

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email your answer to: info@housingsystems.co.uk by 22nd November 2019 for your chance to win.