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Monthly Quiz: March 2019

This month was all about UC claimants turning Pension Credit age........


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This month's quiz question is.....

Saul is on Universal Credit. He is reaching pension age and will start to receive his State Pension next month...…

Which of the following statements is true?

Statement 1
Saul's Universal Credit will end as he will no longer be working age.
Special rules allow him to receive UC for the whole of the Assessment Period he turns pension age - although any state pension or HB he receives which 'overlaps' with the period he is on UC will be treated as income for that last UC assessment.

Statement 2
Saul's Universal Credit will continue - but any state pension he receives will be taken into account as income and reduce his UC award £1 for £1.

Statement 3
Saul's Universal Credit will end as he will no longer be working age.
It will end from the beginning of the Monthly Assessment Period in which he turns pension age - and he cannot get any top up from Pension Credit or Housing Benefit until he is pension age - meaning a potential gap in his benefits.
The only way to avoid this gap is if he makes an advance claim for Pension Credit.

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