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Monthly Quiz: June 2019

This month was all about UC assessments ........


To enter this month's competition, just email the answer to the question below to us by Friday 19th July 2019 for your chance to win.

This month's quiz question is.....

Sam is 40 and is a full-time carer for her mother (who lives nearby and gets Attendance Allowance).
Sam lives alone in a one bedroom social housing flat with a rent of £85pw (no rent-free weeks).
Sam receives Carer's Allowance (£67.60 pw) and Universal Credit. She has no other income or savings.
Her UC award breakdown for the most recent monthly assessment period is as follows...

Standard Allowance £411.51
Housing Cost Element £368.33
Maximum UC = £686.15

Less Income (CA) £286.65

There are no deductions taken off, so her UC award is £399.50

Can you spot the error?

You could use our UC calculator to find out or on the website here.

email your answer to: info@housingsystems.co.uk