Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

Monthly Quiz: September 2017
 Every month we give you the chance to win £50 for your local food bank

The winner, who was selected at random was Pamela from Glasgow and she nominated Glasgow North West FoodBank to receive a £50 cheque from us, and she also received a box of chocolates - perhaps to share with her team!

See the question and the answer below .

This month we had 2 questions:

If a tenant or their partner is in receipt of Personal Independence Payment or Disability Living Allowance, this can mean no non-dependant deductions are applied.

Which component and rates of PIP or DLA must they be getting for there to be no non-dependant deduction from their: 
1. Housing Benefit?
2. Universal Credit?

For Housing Benefit – the claimant can be in receipt of DLA Care or PIP Daily Living at ANY rate.

For Universal Credit – the claimant must be in receipt of Middle or High rate DLA Care and any rate of PIP daily Living.

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