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Monthly Quiz: March 2017

This month we looked at how you can get a HB claim backdated more then a month for some working age claimants.  Take a look at the question below and if you need more information find the answer here.

The first correct answer picked out at random was Briony Oliver from Coastline and she won £50 for Camborne Redruth Food Bank and a box of chocolates for herself.

Housing Benefit claims should be backdated to the date a passport benefit has been awarded from where the claim for HB is made within one month of the claim for the passport benefit.
This rule has become especially helpful for working age HB claimants where the HB backdate rules limit backdating to just one month from the date of request.
It can mean that some claimants can get their HB backdated longer than a month.......

Which of these passport benefits can be backdated three months without having to demonstrate good cause -

1. Income Based Jobseekers Allowance?
2. Income Support?
3. Income Based Employment and Support Allowance?
4. Universal Credit (for those living in specified accommodation)?

The answer is 3. Income Based Employment and Support Allowance. 

Income Based Jobseekers Allowance and Income Support can be backdated for up to 3 months but only if the delay was caused by the DWP or HMRC giving the claimant incorrect advice.  Where a claimant has made their claim for Housing Benefit at the same time, or within one calendar month after their claim for Income-Related ESA, Income Support or Income-Based JSA, the HB claim should be treated as made from the same date. This also applies to claimants claiming Universal Credit if they live in specified accommodation - although Universal Credit can only be backdated one calendar month.