Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Monthly Quiz: February 2017

This month we looked at one of the many different rules between how Housing Benefit works and how Universal credit works.  Have a go at the question below to test yourself.  If in doubt find the answer here.

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The question was answered correctly by Caroline Morris from Staffordshire and Rural Housing Association.  She nominated Bridgnorth Foodbank and she was delighted to win the chocolates for herself too.

Margaret, aged 50 is claiming Universal Credit for the first time after losing her full-time job. She lives in a 4 bedroom, rented, Housing Association property with her daughter, Daisy (age 17 who is at college full-time), her son Daniel (age 25) and Daniel's partner Sam (age 24).  How many bedrooms is she allowed under the Universal Credit 'bedroom tax' size criteria? 


The answer is 4 because Margaret and Daisy are both allowed a bedroom each and despite Daniel and his partner Sam being likely to share a bedroom they are allowed one each under the Universal Credit 'bedroom tax' size criteria.