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Monthly Quiz:
In the last year we have donated over £750 to Food Banks across the length and breadth of the UK from Plymouth to Angus and Conwy including others in between... 
We have received several messages of thanks - so we thought we would share a couple with you... 
"Your support will be very much appreciated by our Food Bank clients and go a long way to making a difference in people's lives", Hope Centre, Derby. 
"Your generous donation will sustain the work of the charity to feed those who are in crisis in the local area", Chichester District Foodbank. 
So why not have a go at our competition - it could be you nominating your local food bank (and winning a nice box of chocolates for yourself too!)   
This months question:
This month we are looking at the Benefit Cap.

Have a go for a chance to win £50 for your local food bank.

Just email your answer to us at: info@housingsystems.co.uk. Closing date is 23rd June - and the first correct answer picked out at random will win £50 for their local food bank- and a box of chocolates for themselves.

This month’s question is:

Where a claimant's Child Tax Credit award has been reduced to a lower amount or nil, due to an overpayment of Child Tax Credit, what amount of Tax Credits should the HB Office include as 'welfare income' for the purposes of calculating the Benefit Cap?

1. The correct amount of CTC the claimant would have been receiving if there were no deductions for the overpayment.
2. The reduced amount of CTC being received (or nil if none in payment).
3. The average amount of CTC received in the current tax year.

Find your answer: 1, 2 or 3 here.
email your answer to: info@housingsystems.co.uk