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Rules that says no Housing Costs for some UC claimants age 18-21 to be revoked

The government have finally announced the date for the revocation of the rule that was introduced in April 2017 that meant that some single, childless 18 - 21 year old Full service UC claimants were not entitled to a Housing Costs Element in their award of UC.

There were many protections and exceptions to these rules (click here), but we do know that a small number of UC claimants have been left without any help to pay their rent, and many more (perhaps some that would have been entitled to help) have been refused housing since the rules was introduced.

The date of implementation for this reversal is 31st December 2018.

This means that from 1st January all young claimants age 18 or over will be able to receive a Housing Costs Element - regardless of the reason why they are living independently - in their UC award if they meet the basic eligibility criteria.

The amending regulations which were laid before parliament on 5th November 2018 are available here