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UC Changes in Autumn Budget

The following changes to Universal Credit have been announced in the government’s Autumn Budget:

• New Claim Advances at 100% of the claimant’s likely award, paid back over a 12 month period – from January 2018.

• Scrapping the 7 waiting days – from February 2018.

• A new 2 week HB run-on for those claiming UC – from April 2018. (Non recoverable).

• More flexibility around APA managed payments for private rented tenants.

• No new claims for 'Live'/Gateway UC from end December 2017.

• Temporary Accommodation to be finded by HB by end April 2018.

In order to support these changes, the Government have also announced that 'Full' / Digital Service Universal Credit will roll out more gradually between February 2018 and April 2018, and roll-out to all jobcentres will be complete in December 2018 (rather than September 2018 as was planned).

More details on this page.