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Mixed age couples don't (yet) have to claim UC

A 'mixed age couple' is where one member of the couple is working age and their partner is Pension Credit age.

The Government wants 'mixed age' couples to claim Universal Credit. However the Government has not yet 'closed off' Pension Credit/Housing Benefit to 'mixed age' couples.

So at the moment 'mixed age' couples have a choice: they can claim Universal Credit or they can claim Pension Credit / HB etc instead.

But, more often than not, they are not being given that choice, and if living in a Full/Digital UC area are being told that their only option is Universal Credit.

This isn't true - and as the majority of mixed age couples as at least £100 a week worse off on Universal Credit - it is not the best option for them!

What if I come across a mixed age couple who have made a claim for or are already getting UC?

Where a mixed age couple have made a claim for or are already getting UC - they have the option of closing down their UC claim and claiming Pension Credit and Housing Benefit instead. There is nothing in the PC or HB Regulations that would stop them from doing so.

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