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Problems with UC System & Non-Dep Deductions

Where the UC claimant (or partner) is getting daily living PIP, mid or high rate care DLA, or Attendance Allowance - then no non dependant deduction (or what the DWP call Housing Costs Contribution) should be deducted from their Housing Costs Element (HCE) when their UC award is being assessed.

However, we have become aware that the Digital UC system does not record when a claimant is on daily living PIP, mid or high rate care DLA or Attendance Allowance.

In these cases, the DWP have to manually override the system to ensure no non-dependant deduction is taken. But this does not always happen automatically. So claimants may be having a non-dependant deduction tahen off their HCE in error.

We have also heard that when a claimant contacts the UC Helpline to request the exception they are being told that none exists!

In these cases, the claimant should request a mandatory reconsideration of their award on their journal - quoting para 15, Schedule 4 of the UC Regs.

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