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People from Abroad
The rules on eligibility for Housing Benefit for people coming to the UK from abroad are one of the most complex areas of welfare rights law.

Whether or not a person can claim Housing Benefit may depend on a number of factors. These include nationality, immigration status (and any conditions attached to it), the circumstances under which the person arrived in the UK, whether they are deemed “habitually resident”, whether they are in work or looking for work, and whether they arrived alone or with other family members. Many other factors may be relevant.

The information on these pages give a broad overview of the rules on access to Housing Benefitt for people coming to the UK from abroad. They are not intended to be a definitive statement on who can claim, but rather to indicate who may be able to claim, and when it is worth challenging a decision refusing HB.

The Tests

There are 3 tests that everyone claiming HB has to pass.

British Citizens

Who is classed as a British Citizen?

Irish Citizens

Have the same rights as a British Citizen

EEA Nationals

A guide on EEA Nationals claiming HB.

Other Nationals

A guide on Non EEA Nationals claiming HB.

Dual Nationality

What are the rules for someone with Dual Nationality?


What are the rules for couples?

Claiming HB

What happens when a person from abroad claims HB?

Refused HB

Why might a person from abroad be refused HB?

Law & Guidance

Law & Guidance.

Orgs that can help

Organisations that can help.