Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Nearly all non-EEA nationals will require 'leave' to enter and remain in the UK. 
Anyone who does not have this leave will be unable to claim benefits*.
And some will have leave to remain that is limited either in time or by conditions attached, or both. Those whose passport or other paperwork states that their leave is conditional upon not having 'recourse to public funds', or that they are under a maintenance undertaking (sponsorship) will not be able to claim benefits unless specifically exempted.

Note that some non EEA nationals will count as family members of EEA nationals and be able to "piggy back" on their EEA nationals' right to reside.
Some non EEA nationals will have a derivative right to reside through a child in education.

IMPORTANT NOTE- those non EEA nationals who are family members of EEA nationals will need to apply for "settled status" to retain their rights to benefits after Brexit.
For information on this go to this page.

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NOTE: new claims for HB (and for Income Support, Income Based JSA, Income Related ESA, and Tax Credits) can only be made by claimants who:

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