Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

Whether an EEA National can claim HB or not will, in part, depend on the situation they are in.  They will need to have a right to reside to claim, unless they apply for and are granted settled status under the EU Settlement scheme. NOTE: All EEA nationals living in the UK will need to apply for this to secure their rights, including to to benefits.

The routes to right to reside status can be explored using the links below.

Permanent Residence

What are the qualifying rules for PR?

Worker Status

Work needs to be Genuine and Effective

Pregnancy Illness / Maternity

When still classed as a worker

Unfit for Work

Workers and illness/incapacity

job Seeker

Three month rules apply

Couples / Family members

Understanding the various rules that apply

Child in Education

Parents/Carers getting a right to reside status


Rules for EEA Students claiming HB

Self Sufficient

What is required to claim self-sufficiency?