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Mixed Age Couples - Working Age to Mixed Age

A couple may become a ‘new’ mixed age couple where:

  • Two single people, one State Pension age and one working age, become a couple (click here).
  • A working age couple become a mixed age couple because the older member reaches State Pension age (see below).


Sumitra (age 62) and Rani (age 67) have decided to move in together.

Yvonne (age 62) and Angus (age 65) live together. Next week Angus will turn 66 i.e. State Pension age.

Generally when a working age couple become a mixed age couple because the older member has turned  State Pension age then they will need to claim UC as their current benefit claims will end.

NOTE: HB generally ends where one member of a couple turns State Pension age - because the Regulations state that working age HB cannot convert to State Pension age HB.

BUT some 'new' mixed age couples don't need to claim Universal Credit - i.e. if:

  • The working age member is getting Income-Related ESA, Income Support or Income-Based JSA and, if they need help with their rent, HB for the property they are/will be living in, or
  • They have a joint claim for Income-Based JSA, or
  • They only need help with their rent and they live in ‘specified’ or ‘temporary’ accommodation - click here.

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