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Mixed age couples - What if younger member can't claim UC?
There will be some couples where one member is ineligible for UC and so normally their partner is able to claim UC as a single person. This includes couples where one:

  • Is under 18 (with some exceptions)

  • Fails the Habitual Residence Test

  • A person subject to immigration control

  • Is a 'prisoner' (this includes those held on remand)

  • Is absent from the UK for more than a month (can be longer in certain circumstances.

Where this is a mixed age couples and it is the younger member that is ineligible for UC, then their partner is also ineligible as they are classed as a single person and are Pension Credit age.

But under the HB rules they would be treated as a couple - and as a mixed age couple would not able to make a new claim for Housing Benefit.

BUT the rules were amended in May 2019 to allow the pension credit age member to make a new claim for HB as a single person under the pension credit age Regulations until the reason they are no longer able to apply for UC applies.


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