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Which of these tenants would be £120.00 a week worse off if they accepted an offer of accommodation in a 'Full'/Digital Universal Service area and claimed Universal Credit?







Limited Capability for Work and UC

New expanded section on information for those claimants who are 'unfit for work' and claiming Universal Credit.


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Standard Letters
UC: ESA Component not transferred to UC award

We are seeing more and more cases where a UC claimant previously on ESA is missing out on UC as the component they were entitled to on their ESA is not being transferred over to their UC award.
More on what should happen.

Recent Query
"We've got a situation where our tenant has had their UC sanctioned and the third party deduction for rent arrears has 'eaten into' the tenant's' APA Managed Payment - can the DWP make deductions from the APA that they pay us?"


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