Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

Update on Untidy Tenancies: Hints, Tips & the Landlord Portal

Date: Thursday 19th May 10am-11.30am

Guest Speaker: Richard Bampton, Head of Income, A2 Dominion

Struggling to get UC to pay 100% on a rent account with an absent joint tenant? 

Confused by DWP decisions and rent verification? 

Unsure if UC should be paying 100%? 

Come and join us for our Untidy Tenancies webinar.

This webinar examines ongoing issues with Untidy Tenancies, with updates on verification and ideas for prevention work. 

We will examine the rules around absent joint tenants/ untidy tenancies including when UC Housing Costs Element should pay 100%, how to prevent issues, correct cases and how to ensure a claimant receives any back pay they are entitled to. 
We will be joined by Richard Bampton, Head of Income from A2 Dominion.
 Richard will provide insight into managing UC rent accounts and ideas for pro-active work to minimise future issues.   

Join us for an overview of working with the landlord portal, the verification process, and practical steps to minimise errors and ensure arrears are paid correctly. Housing Systems and Richard will be available for the chance to ask questions and increase understanding of how you can minimise the impact on rent accounts. 

A great webinar for anyone working in a rent account setting. 

Join us - just £35+vat