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When a claimant's Maximum Universal Credit award is calculated, they may be entitled to one or more of the following - click on the links for more information:

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Standard allowance

Every Universal Credit calculation includes a Standard Allowance - the rate depending on whether single or couple, over or under 25.

Child Element

Elements can be given for the first and second dependent child / young person - and sometimes the third plus child / young person.

Disabled Child Element

A parent/guardian of a child on DLA or PIP will have a Disabled Child Element in their UC - at one of two rates.

LCWRA Element

A claimant who has been found to have a limited capability for work may be entitled to an Element included in their UC calculation to reflect this.

Carers Element

Some people who care for disabled adults or children can have a Carers Element in their UC award calculation.

Housing Costs Element

A claimant who rents, and/or has service charges can have a Housing Cost Element included in their award.

Childcare Costs Element

Find out who qualifies for help with childcare costs, and how much.

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