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Conference 6th July 2022: Destination UC?
Migration to UC is currently getting a lot of media coverage and claimants may assume that their journey to UC is starting immediately with no way of putting on the breaks. For many, this isn’t true and they may lose out financially (and it other ways) if they claim before they need to. 

Some claimants who are avoiding even considering UC may actually be better off claiming now.

This conference has been designed to help those working with claimants understand the options they have.

Hear from a variety of speakers including:
Nic Vaughan, Universal Credit Programme, Department for Work & Pensions.
Nic will outline the DWPs plans for Managed Migration during 2022.

Take away some great ideas to help steer your customers through their migration to UC journey.

It's not about who can claim, or even the claiming process. Instead we'll look at the roads ahead for claimants faced with a possible UC journey. Should they set off? And what direction should they take?  Do they have options? As well as how to ensure they’re roadworthy and avoid potholes and bumps along the way.

Delivered online using Teams, the speakers, workshops and discussions will help you ensure claimants do the right thing at the right time to maximise their income and avoid problems.

This conference will help you:

  • Understand what is happening - Managed Migration and the Move to UC Campaign.
  • Get prepared for the start of Managed Migration
  • Provide the best advice to someone thinking about making a voluntary move to UC.
  • Advise claimants who are tempted to end their legacy benefit claims and move onto UC.
  • Feel confident when advising on trickier claimant situations and understand who has to claim UC.
  • Ensure those who do claim UC receive the correct entitlement
  • Decide whether the timing of a UC claim can maximise entitlement to the Transitional SDP Element,

Only £115+vat per delegate.
Book two places and get a third for free.

Our workshops are developed and delivered by our team of experts. They are informative, interactive and provoking.

Each looks at real issues that are affecting UC claimants and gives practical solutions to common problems to help you build a tool kit of ideas and resources to use following the conference.

Delegates can attend two workshops of their choice in the morning - see below.
You will be asked for your choices before the conference..

At previous conferences everyone was able to attend their top choices - we're hoping we can do that this time too.

Plan of Day
9.30am Welcome

9.35: Opening Speaker

10.00am Workshop 1
11.15am  Break
11.30am  Workshop 2
12.45pm Lunch
1.45pm Managed Migration speakers
2.45pm Break
3.00pm Group discussions
4.00pm Q and A

4.30pm Thanks /Close 


Plan of the day
9.30am: Opening Speech - The move to UC
Speaker to be confirmed.

Workshop 1: 10.00am - 11.15am
Choose between:

1A: UC - other routes available?

The current media interest in UC means that many legacy benefit claimants are considering making the move onto UC.
But act too soon and they could end up worse off.

This workshop will investigate the triggers to claiming UC - who has to claim and who doesn't..

Ensuring those that who don't have to claim UC yet don't miss out by making the move too early.




1B: ESA stopped - destination UC?

The majority of claimants left on the legacy benefit system are claiming Income-Related ESA. What happens if they then get found fit, fail to complete their ESA50, fail to attend their medical or go to prison?

They may not feel ready to make the move onto UC and may be better waiting until the pot holes are filled.

In this workshop we review the reasons why a claimant's ESA might stop, highlight what the rules say about getting back on ESA, discuss for whom avoiding UC is a realistic option and look provide a few tips to maximise a UC award for those that do need to make the move.


1C: Becoming a Mixed Age Couple - straight ahead to UC?

The benefit system for mixed age couples is complex and filled with hidden dangers. This workshop delves deep into one such area.

We will investigate what happens to a couple's existing legacy benefit award/s when they become a mixed age couple. Is their only option then UC?

Making sure these couples know exactly what their options are is essential - take the wrong road and they could end up over £150 a week worse off. 



Break 11.15am - 11.30am
Workshop 2: 11.30am - 12.45pm
Choose between: 

2A: For better or for worse?

Recent DWP statistics estimate that 35% of the 2.6 million households still to move over to UC will be worse off.

Managed migration offers these claimants some initial protection against this loss. But jump too early and miss out.

The same statistics estimate that 55% will receive a higher UC award compared to their current legacy benefit entitlement. Who are these claimant and what else should they think about before taking the leap?

This workshop examines the winners and losers and highlights other considerations.

2B: UC Initial Award MOT

Many people claiming UC don't receive the correct award. Sometimes this is due to DWP error, sometimes because the UC claim doesn't ask all the relevant questions and sometimes because claimants don't realise how important it is to provide the DWP with certain information about their situation.

In this session we use a Kahoot quiz to review how we can help claimants ensure their award is correct from the start.

Buckle up for this informative session - and have a second device ready so that you can join the quiz.


2C: Getting the timing right - Transitional SDP Element

The inclusion of the Transitional SDP Element in a UC claimant’s award can increase their award by £3420 a year. 

At a time when we are seeing an unprecedented increase in living costs, this extra income could make a huge difference. 

Do you know when claiming UC sooner / later gives someone this extra element in their UC award?

This workshop will examine how important the date of claim is for some moving onto UC.  


Lunch: 12.45pm - 1.45pm
1.45pm: Afternoon Speakers - Managed Migration

The managed migration of 2.6 million legacy benefit claimants to Universal Credit has re-started.

You will hear from Nic Vaughan head of the DWPs Head of Stakeholders, Engagement and Strategic Briefing Team. Hear the latest news on the DWP's plans.

We will also look at how you can best steer claimants who are issued with a managed migration notice to minimise problems.

3.00pm: Managed Migration Discussion Groups - Getting the best outcome

We split into groups to share and discuss the implications of Managed Migration for our customers.

Take away some great ideas to help steer your customers through the managed migration journey.

4.00pm: Q&A with our panel of experts
We finish the day posing your questions to our panel of workshop hosts.

Close: 4.30pm