Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

Coronavirus: What's Changed?

From early on in the Coronavirus pandemic, the government introduced various measures to help sustain work and provide support for those who most need it.

Many of these measure have now ended - although some remain in place. 


We are working hard to provide useful information on the welfare benefit related measures to ensure everyone who needs help from the welfare system receives it.

Important: This has been a fast-changing situation. The information given in these pages is the best we have currently, but we will be updating them constantly.

This section outlines some of the key measures.



Summary of measures

Job Retention Scheme

Furloughed workers & the JRS

Job Support Scheme

What happened to it?

Self Employed

Who was entitled to the SEISS?

Minimum Income Floor

Was temporarily suspended.

Self Isolating

What is self isolation?


What is shielding?


What were the temporary measures?

Jobcentre Appointments

Who needs to attend Jobcentre Appointments?

Extra £20

What period did the uplift cover? 

Local Housing Allowance

Updated rates from April 2020
New exemption to the SAR.

DWP Debts

DWP Suspended Certain Deductions for a while

Free School Meals

What happening during the school holidays?

Council Tax

Hardship Fund - who's entitled?


What changed for prisoners on temporary release?

Managed Migration Pilot

UC Managed Migration Pilot suspended

Law / Guidance

The Coronavirus Act and more