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Coronavirus: Tax Credits - Bereavement
Tax Credits - Bereavement
Single claimant

The award of Tax Credit will end from the day before the death.

One member of a couple dies

If one member of a couple dies, the joint Tax Credit award ends (this means both WTC and CTC will end, if both were being paid). 
The surviving partner is likely to need to make a new claim for benefits. In most cases this is likely to be Universal Credit.

Death of a child.

Child Tax Credit continues to be paid for 8 weeks after a child has died.

Registering the death and the Tell Us Once service

When someone has died, their death will need to be registered.
Register Offices are open again, but mostly by pre-arranged appointment only. 
The registrar can give the person who is registering the death details of how to contact the ‘Tell Us Once’ - click here.
This means that the person only has to make one further phone call in order to notify all the benefits and other government departments (eg DVLA) of the death.

Extra help

Funeral Expenses Payment 
This can be claimed by a person whom the DWP consider it is reasonable that they should be responsible for the funeral (usually their next of kin). In terms of Tax Credits, the claimant must be on Child Tax Credit or the disability or severe disability element of Working Tax Credit (other benefits count too). 
More information on gov.uk - click here

Bereavement Support Payment
If the surviving partner was married or in a civil partnership with the person who has died, they could be entitled to Bereavement Support Payment. 
If the surviving partner was not married or in a civil partnership with the person who has died, but they have dependent children, they should lodge a claim for Bereavement Support Payment. In February 2020, the High Court ruled that excluding cohabiting parents from entitlement is incompatible with human rights law. So, there could be a change in the regulations and if a claim has already been lodged, they could then receive an award.
Bereavement Support Payment is not taxable therefore disregarded when an award for Tax Credits is calculated, so it would be extra income. (it is also disregarded for Universal Credit).
More information on the gov.uk website: click here

Child Benefit 
Child Benefit continues to be paid for 8 weeks after a child has died.