Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

Coronavirus: Housing Benefit
Coronavirus - Housing Benefit

From early on in the Coronavirus pandemic, the government introduced various measures to help sustain work and provide support for those who most need it.

Many of these measure have now ended - although some remain in place.  

To help, we're working flat out to provide useful information on the welfare benefit related measures to ensure everyone who needs help from the welfare system receives it.

Important: This is a fast-changing situation. The information given in these pages is the best we have currently, but we'll be updating them constantly.

This section provides information to those already claiming Housing Benefit as well as those claiming for the first time.

The basics

What HB rules have changed?

Lost job

How will HB entitlement change?

Wages dropped

How will HB amount change?

Self Employed

How will HB entitlement change?

Moving home

What are the possible complications?

Temporary absences

How does this affect HB?

Stuck abroad

What can be done?

Bedroom Tax issues

Have changes been made?


What has changed?