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Coronavirus: What's Changed - What is shielding?
Coronavirus - What is shielding?

People who have existing health conditions which put them at a high risk of complications from the Coronavirus and who have been advised to shield have also been added as a new category of people who are deemed to be incapable of work for the purposes of qualifying for SSP. Amendment regulations are in force from 16 April 2020.

Proving 'shielding'

To be classed as 'shielding' they will need to have received a letter from the NHS advising them to do so.

The NHS have put together a 'shielded patients list' - people on this list will have received a letter.

Where someone believes that should be designated as someone needing to shield they should contact their GP who can recommend they be added to the list.

More on the 'shielded patients list' here.

What if someone is working for a company that has furloughed their employees?

Instead of paying SSP, some employers might decide to designate the employee as a 'furloughed' worker - click here.

Getting benefits paid when they have a Post Office Card Account

To prevent shielders having to leave the home to withdraw benefits from a Post Office, the DWP and the Post Office have launched a scheme whereby, when DWP notified the Post Office of claimants who require a cash delivery, they will ensure cash is sent to their home using Royal Mail Special Delivery and that it arrives by 9pm the following day. Announcement from postoffice.co.uk  here. This service may be rolled out to other than just those with POCA accouns.