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Coronavirus: Universal Credit
Universal Credit
The government have put into place numerous measures to help sustain work and provide support for those who most need it during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

To help, we're working flat out to provide useful information on the welfare benefit related measures to ensure everyone who needs help from the welfare system receives it.

Important: This is a fast-changing situation. We aim to keep the information given in these pages as up to date as possible - but the government announcements can be sudden and with little warning.

This section provides information to those already claiming Universal Credit as well as those claiming for the first time.

Best option

Is claiming UC the best option?


Eligibility rules for UC

Earnings limit

Has this changed?

New claim

Changes when making a new claim for UC

When to claim

When should the claimant make a new claim for UC?

ID verification

Ways to verify ID

Claimant Commitment

What is different?

Lost job

What help is available?

Wages dropped

What help is available?

Self Employed

How will benefits be affected?

Surplus Earnings

Surplus Earnings - what, who, how?

Housing Costs

How will Housing Costs be affected?

Rent increases

Key facts about rent increases

Stuck abroad

Stuck abroad due to coronavirus?

Childcare costs

Help with childcare costs


What has changed?