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Coronavirus and Benefits

Please note we are currently working on these pages.....more to be added!

There are, as you would expect with anything new and unknown, some grey areas….so we have done our best to give you the information as we see it, but this does mean that this guidance is not a statement of law and cannot be relied upon.

Things will change: there is a lot of pressure on the government to make further improvements.

Please note, when answering the FAQs, we have made the following assumptions about the claimant:

  • They don’t live in ‘specified’ or ‘temporary’ accommodation.
  • They aren’t protected from claiming Universal Credit by the SDP Gateway Condition.
  • They are not a mixed age couple.
  • They meet the basic qualifying conditions for UC (ie be working age, savings/capital under £16,000, must be in GB, not excluded (eg some students, dependant on age, level of course etc), not claiming Tax Free Childcare, and agree to a claimant commitment).

PLEASE NOTE: The information on these pages is subject to change and change it will. So please keep coming back to these pages.

If you work for a social housing provider, local authority, charity or voluntary organisation and do not already subscibe to our services and would like to be added to our list to receive future briefings and newsletters please let us know: email - jill@housingsystems.co.uk

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