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You’ll find up-to-date and comprehensive information on Universal Credit, Housing Benefit and other benefits.

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There's over 300 standard letters on the website designed to save you time and get results. They are written in plain English but quoting the latest case law and relevant regulations.

With access to a suite of Calculators, Mapping Tools, Summary Sheets and Flowcharts that help navigate the benefit system and ensure your customers are receiving the right entitlement.

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Subscribers have access to our team of experts via our email query service.

They can help:

  • check your understanding of a benefit situation, decide the next steps when you are not happy with the response you’ve received from the DWP / HB Office.
  • to clarify or provide further information about a particular welfare benefit rule.
  • when you can’t find the answer to your particular query on the website.

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Short-Term Assistance (Scotland) - help or hindrance?

Short-term Assistance is a payment someone can get in Scotland if their Child or Adult Disability Payment has been reduced or stopped and they’ve asked for that decision to be looked at again. BUT Short-term Assistance is not a passporting benefit to any other entitlements which may cause issues.

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Have you seen our managed migration for tax credit claimants only pages?

In 2023/24 the DWP are asking those Tax Credit claimants who are not receiving another ‘legacy’ benefit to claim Universal Credit, so the information on these pages is focused on these claimants.

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Latest benefit news


Transitional Element Calculation Sheet

This calculation sheet makes it easy to calculate the likely amount of Transitional Element a manage migrating claimant is entitled to by breaking down the calculation into steps and giving an overview of all the information you will need for the calculation.

Click here to see the calculation sheet.


Have you seen our managed migration overview e-learning?

The DWP has started the process of manage-migrating legacy benefit claimants onto Universal Credit.
This E-Learning course gives an overview of the processes and rules for those manage-migrating onto UC.

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Changes to Paternity Sick Pay

Added on 7st February 2024

New Regulations relax a lot of the rules regarding entitlement to Statutory Paternity Pay and Leave to make it easier to claim. The relaxed rules will apply for children whose expected week of birth beings after 6th April 2024 or who are expected to be placed for adoption on or after 6th April 2024. See the SSP explanatory memorandum here.

UC Claimants Cannot Verify ID using Government Gateway

Added on 29th January 2024

When a new UC claimant verifies their ID, they will no longer be given the option of logging into their Government Gateway account. To verify their ID they can use things like their recent payslips, a valid UK passport etc.

State Pension age Tax Credit Claimants will be Contacted from August 2024

Added on 29th January 2024

The DWP have said that they will start sending Migration Notices to Tax Credit claimants who are above State Pension age from August 2024. If they are a single claimant or a couple who are both over State Pension age, they will be able to claim Pension Credit (or see their Pension Credit increase when they stop receiving Tax Credits). If they are a Mixed Age Couple, they should seek expert advice

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