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Pensioners and Tax Credit - UC or Pension Credit?

HMTC will be closing down Tax Credits at the end of this ta year.

This means that those pensioners getting Working Tax Credit or/and Child Tax Credit will have to be offered a replacement.

Some will be offered Pension Credit, but some will be offered Universal Credit.

Click here to see the article.


Have you seen our ever expanding Managed Migration section?

Check out our new page on the 'Enhanced Support Journey' here.

Check out our new page on 'Debts and Deductions' here.


Have you seen our May 2024 newsletter?

Updates and commentary on the latest and most relevant in the benefit world and our newest and upcoming events.

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Latest benefit news


Updated Managed Migration Checklist

This checklist takes you through the steps/questions to ask a claimant who has received a Migration Notice to ensure they have maximised and receive any Transitional protection they are entitled to, make the claim for UC at the best time for them and maximised their UC award.

Click here to see the checklist.


Managed Migration: How to calculated the Transitional Element

This E-Learning course gives learners the detail they need to understand how a manage migrating claimants Transitional Element is calculated.

It looks at how the DWP work out a claimant's Total Legacy Amount and Indicative UC Amount. It examines the rules for some 'special cases' - including Benefit Cap claimants. It highlights where mistakes are being made, and which claimants could be worse off on UC even with Transitional Protection.

Click here to find out more.

Arrears of PIP Mobility for some Pension Age Claimants

Added on 24st May 2024

The DWP will pay benefit arrears to certain claimants who were wrongly told they were not entitled to an increase in their Personal Independence Payments (PIP) after State Pension age. This loophole in the regulations is now closed, but anyone of State Pension age getting Standard Rate Mobility who had their PIP reviewed between 8 April 2013 and 29 November 2020 should check if they meet all of the circumstances listed here. If they do they should contact PIP to ask if they are entitled to arrears of the Enhanced Rate Mobility component.

New Regs: Ending Tax Credits for Pension Age Claimants

Added on 14th May 2024

New Regulations that come into effect on 8th June legislate for moving Pension Age Tax Credit claimants onto either Pension Credit or Universal Credit. If they are receiving Working Tax Credit, they will be sent a Migration Notice and encouraged to claim UC. If not, they will be encouraged to claim PC. If appropriate they will receive Transitional Protection on whichever benefit they are invited to claim. We are working on an article looking at this process in more depth. Click here for the Regulations.

New Regs: Protection for Mixed Age Couples in Managed Migration

Added on 14th May 2024

New Regulations that come into effect on 8th June all 'protected' Mixed Aged Couples to retain their 'protection' even if they claim UC after receiving a Migration Notice. Mixed Age Couples are only able to make claims for Pension Credit and Pension Age HB if they are 'protected'. Some 'protected' MACs will receive Migration Notices and be encouraged to claim UC (i.e., because they are receiving Working Tax Credit). These new Regulations ensure that receiving a Migration Notice and claiming UC will not end their 'protection' as long as they claim within the necessary time limits. For more on 'protected' MACs click here. Or click here to see the new Regs.

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