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New case law protects TSDPE when moving out of HB funded accommodation

Many Universal Credit claimants who were getting a Severe Disability Premium (SDP) in an award of Income-Related ESA, Income Support or Income-Based JSA, before they moved onto UC have a Transitional Element included in their UC award.

Here we are looking at new case law that protects TSDPE when moving out of HB funded accommodation.

Click here to see the article.


Have you seen our improved page on the Manage Migration Transitional Element?

We have made improvements to this page on how the Manage Migration Transitional Element is worked out for those affected by the Benefit Cap on Universal Credit.

Click here to see the improved page.


Have you seen our March 2024 newsletter?

Updates and commentary on the latest and most relevant in the benefit world and our newest and upcoming events.

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Latest benefit news


Transitional Element Calculator

Our calculator is a guide to help you work out a Tax Credit-only claimant's likely Transitional Element amount.

It is based on the Regulations, Guidance and information provided by the DWP as at 5th February 2024.

Click here to see the calculator.


Have you seen our updated Transitional SDP Element E-Learning?

We have updated the Transitional SDP Element E-Learning to take account of the changes from 14th February 2024.

Click here to see the e-learning courses.

Scottish Disability Benefit for Pensioners will be Piloted from October 2024.

Added on 17th April 2024

The Socttish Government as announced that from 21st October 2024, the Scottish equivalent of Attendance Allowance will be piloted in Argyll & Bute, Highland, Aberdeen City, Orkney and Shetland. This means that anyone of State Pension age who would have made a new claim for Attendance Allowance in these areas, will make a claim for Pension Age Disability Benefit instead. They expect to rollout the benefit out in 13 further Local Authority areas from 24th March 2025 with the benefit becoming available across the whole country by 22nd April 2025.

There are around 150,000 AA claimants who will have their awards automatically transferred to the new benefit from early 2025.

The DWP will not challenge erosion ruling.

Added on 17th April 2024

The DWP will not challenge a recent Upper Tribunal decision that found that a claimant's TSDPE should not be 'eroded' if they move out of 'specified' accommodation into a 'general needs' property. This means that the decision is final. 

You can see our latest article for more on the decision - here.  

For more on the TSDPE, come along to our next webinar - find out more here.

New groups of claimants receiving Migration Notices.

Added on 16th April 2024

Claimants receiving Income Support and those receiving Housing Benefit and Tax Credits (with no IR-ESA or IB-JSA) will start receiving their Migration Notices. The Managed Migration rollout is now progressing by benefit type rather than area. For more on the rollout, click here.

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