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Employment and Support Allowance
Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) is an out of work benefit for people who due to an illness or disability would struggle to work.

It was introduced in 2008 to replace Incapacity Benefit, Severe Disablement Allowance, and Income Support on the grounds of ill-health.

As well as the key claiming criteria, someone will only be entitled to ESA if they are found to have a 'limited capability for work' under the 'Work Capability Assessment'.

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Who Can Claim

Find out the various rules on who is eligible to claim here

How to Claim

Details of how to make a claim for ESA here

Repeat Claims

New rules affecting people who have been found fit for work previously - details here

Medical Assessment

Details of the Work Capability Assessment here 

Found Fit?

What to advise someone who has been found fit for work

How Much

How much should claimants get? Information here

Awards & Reviews

How long is an award of ESA for? And what happens when it is reviewed?


Who can be sanctioned and why? Can they be avoided?

Challenging Decisions

Details of what the claimant should do if they are not happy with a decision 

Working and ESA

Can someone work and claim ESA?
What are 'permitted earnings'?

Students and ESA

Which students can claim ESA?
How their student income impacts.

And Other benefits

How other benefits are affected by an award of ESA.

Help Pack

Great tools to help you with submitting claims and appeals.

Future Changes

Key changes from 2017.