Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.


Example 1

Stevie and her two children have been left homeless after their landlord decided to sell the flat they were living in. The LA currently has no general needs accommodation available and so they are moved into temporary accommodation. Stevie has been on Universal Credit (under the UC Full/Digital service) with a Housing Costs Element at her rented property with a Monthly Assessment Period running from 4th of one month to 3rd of the next.

She moves into the temporary housing on 26th. Stevie claims Housing Benefit to pay the rent on her new home and she claims a Discretionary Housing Payment to cover the rent on her old home between 4th and 25th July (as her UC award cannot include any Housing Costs Element in respect of her old home as she was not living there on the last day of her Monthly Assessment Period and new DHP rules allow her to claim a DHP for this period).

Five weeks later she is offered a two bedroom house which she moves into on 5th September. The HB award on the temporary housing will come to an end – although she could be entitled to HB to cover any notice period – and when her UC is assessed on 3rd October it will include a Housing Costs Element is respect of her new home.


Example 2

Bojing and his family have been living in bed and breakfast accommodation Since March 2018. Bojing claims Universal Credit – this includes a Housing Costs Element. When the new rules in UC on how temporary housing are funded take effect, Bojing was not be able to make a new claim for HB as he was already getting a HCE in his UC award for temporary accommodation. This will continue until he moves home. As the HCE is based on LHA rates and the rent on the temporary accommodation is quite high he can claim a Discretionary Housing Payment for the shortfall.


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