Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Conditionality: Standard Letters


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Conditionality and Sanctions
UC S1: UC sanction reconsideration - Left work during a trial period

UC S2: UC sanction reconsideration - Missed / late for appointment or interview

UC S3: UC sanction reconsideration - Failure to report job ending / hours of work reducing within 5 working days

UC S4: UC sanction reconsideration - Failure to take a particular actio

UC S5: UC sanction reconsideration - Failure to meet a work preparation requirement / attend Work Programme

UC S6: UC sanction reconsideration - Not taking all reasonable action to find work

UC S7: UC sanction reconsideration - Failure to comply with a work availability requirement

UC S8: UC sanction reconsideration - Leaving job voluntarily / through misconduct

UC S9: UC sanction reconsideration - Failure to apply for particular vacancy

UC S10: Reconsider refusal of Hardship Payment during UC sanction


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