Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.

Example 1:

Jenna is 25 and is studying a full time bachelors degree.  She is a lone parent, with a daughter aged 2.  She is able to claim Universal Credit under Regulation 14 of the UC Regs 2013.  

Example 2:

Nisha is 30 and has just started her university degree.  Her husband Raul is working part time and they have two children.  They are able to claim Universal Credit as Raul is not a student and is currently only working part time.

Example 3:

Sheena has health problems and has been on New Style Employment and Support Allowance for a while with a UC top up when she applies to go to University.  She is advised that her Universal Credit will stop from the Monthly Assessment Period in which she becomes a student unless she is in receipt of Personal Independence Payment.  So she claims Personal Independence Payments with the help of one of her housing support workers and is awarded the Daily Living Component just before her course starts.  She can now continue to claim Universal Credit toward her cost of living though some student income is taken into account.

Example 4:

Phil claims Personal Independence Payment- Standard Daily Living but decides to give up work to go to university to improve his career prospects.  Phil is accepted for a place at his local university but as he has not been determined to have a Limited Capability for Work before starting his course, his UC claim is refused.

Example 5:

Monty has just turned 17 years old.  He is estranged from his parents and the DWP accept that this estrangement is permanent due to evidence provided.  Monty is studying for a BTEC National Diploma in applied science and as this is classed as non-advanced education, and he attends college 16 hours a week he is able to claim Universal Credit.

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