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Claims: Who Can Claim
Not everyone is able to claim Universal Credit at the moment- full roll out will not be complete until 2022.

Whether someone is able to claim will depend on whether the Digital/'Full' UC service has started in the area in which they live (even if it has they may not have to claim it yet!).

Watch out for claimants who have previously been on UC and so have no option but to have that claim re-opened.

Who Can Currently Claim?

Who can currently claim Universal Credit?

Mixed age couples

What if one of a couple is Pension Credit age?

Three+ children?

What if the claimant has three or more children - special rules during an 'interim period'......

Basic Conditions

To receive an award of Universal Credit the claimant must meet certain basic conditions. Find out what these are.

Previously on UC

If someone has previously been on UC they may have to go back on UC. Find out who is a 'UC claimant'....

Special Groups

Special rules apply to: Prisoners, 16 and 17 year olds, People from Abroad, Students, and some couples. Discover what these rules are. 


What if the claimant cannot claim for themselves?More detail in this section.

One Claim per Household

What's meant by there only being one claim per household?