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Digital Universal Credit - the Essentials
If you're working in an area that is already Digital or going Digital soon, this training course is a 'must have'.

There are huge implications for both lettings staff (someone could be heavily worse off if they move to a Full . Digital service area) and rents (where do we start?!).

Many more claimants struggle with the demands of Full / Digital UC service - and the DWP appear to be struggling too. We have listed some of the problems on the website.

Please see the outline for this course below.

Book this course in-house for your staff - just £895+vat for up to 16 delegates (please note: if you book this in-house we will tailor the afternoon to the specific needs of the team).

Or if you just have one or two members of staff that require training why not book them onto oneof our open courses:

Coalville, nr Leicester: Thursday 12th April 2018
Venue: EMH Homes
Cost: £95+vat per delegate

To book or find out more please email: training@housingsystems.co.uk or call 01756 796394 and speak to John.

"This was really, really useful - the best UC course I have attended so far."

Digital Universal Credit - the Essentials: outline

This one day course builds on delegates’ existing knowledge of Universal Credit. It focuses on how the Full / Digital system works and the challenges it poses.

By the end of the session delegates will be able to:

  • Give advise about who will need to claim UC in a  Full / Digital Area and what's required to ensure it runs smoothly,
  • Understand the implications of claiming UC for both claimants and landlords and be able to give advice about who has to - and (perhaps more importantly) who doesn't have to claim.
  • Help claimants deal with some of the problems they may face if they do claim: untidy tenancies, claims being closed, claims 'missing' elements they are entitled to and others,
  • Understand which 18-21 year old claimants will get help with their rent in Full / Digital service UC,
  • Ensure that the problems that can arise when claiming UC via the Full / Digital service are kept to a minimum, 
  • Understand some of the differences between the 'Live' UC and the 'Digital' UC service including the different payment structure for APA managed payments, the 6 month rule and explicit consent.


For a printable version of the outline please Click here.

Plan of day

Outline of Day

9.30am Introductions and Expectations

9.40am UC Refresher - Quick Quiz

        How UC Works, What it is replacing, MAPs, payments, how assessed, APAs,
                        specified accommodation, 'untidy tenancies' etc

10.10am Going Digital - What's happening

                   Timetable, who is affected and when, migration

                        Future of HB Who will have to claim?


10.30am Break

10.45am Digital - Who has to claim

                        Case Studies:

                        Who will have to claim - who may want to claim

                        Who may wrongly be advised to claim

                        18-21 year olds and housing costs

                        Implications of claiming - worse off / better off

                        What about the contributory benefits

                        Pitfalls of moving onto Digital UC

12.45pm         Lunch

1.30pm Claims and Payments - from a claimant's perspective - the real claimant journey 

                        Case Study

                        Claims: Backdating, registering claim, what's needed, rent verification,
                        ensuring a complete claim is made and processed

                        Closed claims - when and how do claimants challenge

                        Payments: delays, ensuring that they are correct and don't stop

                        Communication and explicit consent

2.45pm Break

3.15pm The journey continues - changes in circumstances

                        How changes impact on a claim

                        Starting / finishing work -  6 month rule re reclaiming UC

                        When couples form / separate

                        APA managed payments - the different payment cycle and implications


4.00pm Other key problem areas / differences

4.30pm        Close


What one delegate said.....
"‘I didn't realise how different the Digital UC service was - really pleased I attended this course - it's been a real eye opener!"

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