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Rent Issues: Temporary Absence - Training Course
A claimant can continue to receive HB while absent from their normal home on a recognised training course either in the UK or abroad, so long as they:

  • Are unlikely to be away for more than 52 weeks, and
  • They intend to return home, and
  • Have not sublet it, and
  • They have a 'live' HB claim.

HB can be paid for no more than 52 weeks, but the absence will still count as temporary so long as it does not "substantially exceed" 52 weeks.

"Training course" means?

The definition of "training course" in HB Regulation 7 para 16 & 18 is:

"a course of training or instruction provided wholly or  partly by or on behalf of or in pusuance of an arrangement made with, or approved by or on behalf of a Government department or the Secretary of State, Scottish Enterprise or Highlands and Islands Enterprise."

HB on 2 homes?

If one member of a couple is away from home on a training course, HB can be paid on both - they will be treated as if they were living in both, for the period one is having to live in while away, so long as they fall into one of the categories of students who can claim HB. HB Regulation 7 para 6 (b).

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