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Non-EEA Nationals: Who Can't Claim?


  • Some claimants are excluded from entitlement to Housing Benefit(and other benefits) because of their immigration status. 

  • This is because a person subject to immigration control (PSIC) cannot claim Housing Benefit under HB Regulation 10.
    They will be a PSIC if they have no leave to remain or limited leave to remainwhich is subject to certain restrictions. 
    (*Except where the person with limited leave to remain has Refugee or Humanitarian Protection status - then they CAN claim).

  • Where one of a couple is a PSIC but the other can claim HB they should ensure that the one who can claim is the HB claimant - but where the PSIC has no recourse to ublic funds there are other important issues to consider - click here.

Non-EEA Nationals who are "PSIC" ie excluded by virtue of their immigration status are those who:

Have no 'leave to remain':

  • Illegal immigrants.
  • Overstayers.
  • People awaiting deportation.

Are here on a 'Temporary admission':

  • Asylum seekers who entered after 2000  (except those from EEA states).

Have 'Limited leave to remain' subject to the following restrictions:

  • A person with no recourse to public funds.
  • Someone whose entry to the UK was under a sponsorship agreement (unless they have been in the UK more than 5 years or their sponsor/s has died).

Note the OISC website lists immigration advice services- here.

Note that some people fleeing domestic violence can claim under the DDV concession.
And some may be abe to claim if they count as a family member of an EEA national.

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